About Me

Wouter Lanjouw

My name is Wouter Lanjouw
After 5 years of cooking in professional cuisines, from Groningen to the Ardeche (South France)
I have finally decided to choose adventure. The opening of Service Culinair.
High standing culinary indulgence.
5 Course diners in your own location.
Mostly focused on the business industry. (Self-evident that private is also possible)
During the Covid-19 period I had the opportunity to cook at various business locations throughout the country for various international companies.
This turned out to be a significant advantage for the business relations.


You are of course guaranteed a great meal. Using the latest techniques.
You have the privacy of your own office or location.
You are guaranteed discretion. Being there when it is needed, but also not being there when it is not needed.
You do not have to arrange pans, cutlery and crockery yourself. (or wash the dishes ;))
You are relieved for the evening.
You give a professional impression with, for example, a 5-course dinner.
You don’t have to worry about any food and dietary requirements of your guests.


Read the Examples page to view some options.
Of course (almost) everything is possible and negotiable in consultation!
do not hesitate to ask about the possibilities.


Culinary greetings,


Wouter Lanjouw
W. Lanjouw Service Culinary

Service Culinair